Friday, December 28, 2012


Gratitude is a wonderous thing. Anyone who cannot find a thing to be grateful for has had too much. Anyone who cannot be grateful has never walked through the fire.

As I grow older, I find myself being grateful for many things that I used to take for granted. I am grateful for each new sunrise. I am grateful for the full moon. I am grateful that I can walk the icey winded walk from my car into work and grateful for the job that I walk to.

I am very grateful that all of my fuzzy tails seem to be over the sniffles now!!! Yippee! It was rough there for awhile.


Linda Jacobs said...

Beautiful SheArt! the colors are so vivid. I enlarged it so i could get a good look at all the layers. Love all the little sayings and words half hidden. Lovely words about gratitude, too!

Linda Jacobs said...

I did Post Crossing for about half a year and got lots of cool stamps. I stopped when we moved and changed address but had every intention of resuming. Just haven't gotten to it.